Welcome! I hope that here you find joy and inspiration in your personal connection to the creations that, for me, are expressions of our relationship to the Divine.

To purchase art, please send me an email @ KathyRoseArt@yahoo.com

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Mandala Gallery

In Sanskrit, Mandala means "circle of the soul." Mandalas have radiating geometries and symmetrical patterns, designed to pull you into center, gently inviting you to pause and reflect.

Each of my original Mandalas is created from layers of hand-cut paper, fabric, jewels, decorative adornments and other materials. Each is unique, inspired by feeling, intuition and intention.

I've found an awesome process for transferring the detailed image of my original work onto a special shimmering metal, which is then enlivened with brilliant Swarovski jewels and adhered to a painted canvas.

Bloom Mandala

Chakra Mandala

Communication Mandala

Sea Turtle Mandala

Shadow Mandala

Buddha Mandala


Play Mandala

Healing Mandala

Nurture Mandala

Wisdom Mandala

Love Tree

Magic Tree








Inner Peace

Aries Astrology Mandala

Taurus Astrology Mandala

Gemini Astrology Mandala

Cancer Astrology Mandala

Leo Astrology Mandala

Virgo Astrology Mandala

Libra Astrology Mandala

Scorpio Astrology Mandala

Sagittarius Astrology Mandala

Capricorn Astrology Mandala

Aquarius Astrology Mandala

Pisces Astrology Mandala

Tree Spirit Mandala

Fertility and Happy Family


Kathy on Her Art


To purchase art, please send me an email @ KathyRoseArt@yahoo.com